Aluminium Fabrication / Added Value

  1. Turn your profile into a finished product

    ASE today is just as much a knowledge company and an industrial partner, as an extruder of aluminum profiles. Often an aluminum profile is part of a larger whole, and has to work together with other components in a system. The earlier a customer brings us into a project, the more value we can add.

    An ASE profile is often the result of a partnership between the customer's design department and out technical staff. But our job doesn't finish when the profile is extruded, processed and treated. As a complete industrial partner, we can turn your profile into a finished product – ready for shipping to wholesalers, retailers or directly to end customers.

    A part of our customer's production chain.
    ASE understands aluminum down to the tiniest detail. We have the most modern equipment and the latest control systems and tools. And we are constantly developing and refining our processing methods.