Aluminium Extrusions

  1. The principle of extrusion is simple: A heated billet is pressed through a die with great force, and the finished profile emerges from the die in a manner that is not unlike piping icing through a pastry bag to decorate a cake.
    The profile emerges at a speed of 5–50 meters per minute and reaches a length of 25–45 meters. Cooling takes place immediately, by air or water. To ensure that the profiles are straight and to release internal stresses, the profiles are stretched after cooling. At the same time, they are checked to ensure that all key functional dimensions are correct and that the surface quality is correct. The profiles are then cut to the appropriate length. The material is then subjected to natural aging or artificial aging to bring it to its permanent level of tensile strength.
    ASE Profiles serve a wide range of industries. With in-depth knowledge of the material, ASE ensure all customers get the optimum aluminum products for their requirements.
    Sourcing standard or bespoke extrusions from ASE offers customers the benefits of time-savings, reduced costs, flexibility, finishing, design and engineering assistance, as well as the latest technological advances